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Bookshelf Styles

Books are called a man’s best friend. Imparting knowledge and experience into people, books help in the growth of brain, be it a child’s or adult’s. So it is necessary to provide them a great place to stay. Stylish bookshelf are available for people looking to keep their books in a beautiful manner and give a refined look to the setting of a room. Designers have made some very amazing and quality designs that give the bookshelf a unique look and is spacious enough to fit a large number of books. Some of the Bookshelf styles include:

  • Traditional: Often constructed from wood, these bookshelf were used in the past for storing vinyl covers and the like. The recent traditionally deigned bookshelf includes not only space for storing of books, but also collectibles and even photo frames. They have classic look and are very intricately detailed, but have a solid construction and appearance. You can Buy French Style Bookshelf that gives a very polished look to the room décor
  • Modern: Modern bookshelf take their inspiration from minimalistic design form. They are partially inspired by the art form of 20th century, which believed in showing as little as possible yet give maximum effect to that viewer. Modern designs use the same concept as they have little and sharp design features which may be asymmetrical giving a striking experience.
  • Coastal: These bookshelf are inspired by the beach and have a very distinct and natural look. The design of a coastal bookshelf is to give a more relaxed look to the room décor, because of its beachside nature. The construction is made to look like bamboo and particular color coordination is done to give a sun kissed tone to the whole look.

You can Buy Furniture Bookcases Online that have not only provides a spacious place to keep all your favorite books but also gives a feel-good quality to the room.

Tips for Buying Storage Cabinet

The Storage Cabinet has a great practical purpose and was used to keep many items organized and in one place. But it’s not only the practicality of cabinets in kitchens and bedrooms that appeals to the customers. Recent stylish changes like French Style Storage Cabinets, have brought storage cabinets back in vogue, and are even used as center of attraction. But before buying any storage cabinets, some tips should be kept in mind.

  • Explore: The most important part before investing in any storage cabinet is to explore the options. There are varied types of cabinets all using different materials, construction design etc. and all available for different budgets. Wooden cardboards are not solely just made from wood but also use other construction materials like Particleboard, as they provide durability to the wood. You can Buy Wooden Storage Cabinets that are sturdy, dependable and are beautifully carved to give a refined look.
  • Features to Look for: The construction features should be inspected thoroughly to get better bang for your buck. Some features include drawers which should have solid sides made from wood or plywood and there should be grooves on all sides, and doors which must have panels of plywood and solid wood frame.
  • Storage options: An important thing to look when you are looking to Buy Storage Cabinets In UK is to check how much items you can store there. For example, storage cabinets in kitchens can be of many types, including pull-outs so there is easy access to the backside, base cabinets as they are easier to organize than wall cabinets, or fully extended drawers which extend completely so that you can store items at the backside.

You can Buy Storage Cabinets In UK that are extremely stylish, looks great on any setting and yet are reliable and sturdy.

Designer Bookshelves For A Stylish Decor

It is always exciting to keep a small library handy in your home. If you are a person who reads a lot of books you probable have one of these in your living room, bookshelf is great way to store all those books you have lying around here and there all the time. It not only helps you organize your books around the house, but also gives a sophisticated touch to your home décor.

A few modern designs that will absolutely blend in with your décor are:

  • French Style Small Bookshelf: For those who prefer vintage items and ancient design and styles. French Style Small Bookshelf offers a feel of the Old French times. Such Bookcases are available in classic as well as a bit modified versions available in a variety of materials. These Bookshelves also come with a small stair to give it the genuine feel of old French times. This bookshelf will match with a simple modern decor any day.
  • Recycled Wood Cube Bookshelf: Cube Bookshelf is the most popular design as it comes in customized designs. These are simple Bookshelves made with wood designed in cubes and can be places in any corner of the house. This design of Bookshelves can be used to store books, decorative items and other materials. This Bookshelf has a sophisticated feel and goes well with a subtle décor.
  • Booktree Bookshelf: Booktree shelf is shaped like a tree with a thick Support Stem in the middle and branch of Shelves sprouting along the wall. If you are an outdoor reader and long for summer afternoon readings out in the park, the Booktree shelf will be an opt addition to your house. Also this type of Bookshelf gives of a romantic touch to the home décor.
  • Quad Shelf: The quad shelf is the answer to all your storage problems; it is a criss-cross combination of bookshelves which covers an entire wall. You can store not only books, but DVDs, show pieces and other unique items. It has a nice modern touch to its look and blends in nicely with any type of décor.

These bookshelves can be a great addition to your furniture and also help solve your storage problems. Such Bookshelves are easily available in the market with many Bookshelf manufacturers and suppliers.

French Style Lamp Table: Going The French Way!

French have been the epitome of elegance and style over the centuries. Be it their manners, clothing or their home décor, they want everything to be simply classy and luxurious. Nowadays, people all over the world are beginning to imitate their style of interior decoration after having largely adopted their dressing and speaking sense. French furnishing style has long been appreciated for its versatility as well as intricate designs. The furniture is designed for efficient storage and good looks at the same time. Some of the interesting pieces of furniture are:

Louis Style Armchair
A classic Louis Style Armchair has cabriole legs. These chairs are caned on the back and front. They have beautiful cartouche designs embossed along with beautifully carved escargot feet that make them more graceful. The carvings on these chairs bring about a sense of the Old-World charm. They are fabulous in both look and comfort. Some of these chairs are polished with rugged mahogany to give them a refined and cultured finish.

French Style Lamp Tables
A French Style Lamp Table can be used for multiple purposes. They are extensively carved and can be supported with a tapered column adorned with carved mouldings. They can also come with single or double small drawers for useful possibilities. The traditional French carvings on French Style Lamp Tables add lovely character to the room. French Style Lamp Tables are also carved in natural oak which give a rustic yet elegant look to the area.

Small Drawer Chest
A French Style Small Drawer Chest can be extremely useful for storage purpose and at the same time give a classy edge to the living space. Around the drawer fronts, there are highly detailed carvings to accentuate the authenticity of this brilliant piece. It also comes with low height and classy bun feet for added subtlety. The drawers are wide-spaced and can easily accommodate several daily use items.

French style furniture is greatly appreciated, not only by antique lovers but also by new generations for their style and elegance. These are a few widely preferred pieces of furniture amongst a whole range that are not only easy to use and maintain, but also add a tinge of class to the lifestyle itself.

Up For The Shabby Chic Style?

Shabby Chic Living Room is an extremely popular concept these days because of its low cost and low maintenance factors. The very basic idea behind Shabby Chic Living Room Style Furniture is reusing used furniture in places where it is not meant to be. It is usually preferred by people with limited budget who want a homely look for their bedrooms and living rooms. The idea is to give a new dimension to the room making it appear comfortable. It is originally a western style of interior designing, particularly French. All you need to do is to know your place better and make it a little edgy. Some helpful tips for Shabby Chic Living Room seekers are as follows:


  • This is an important aspect that would determine the perfect Shabby Chic Look. Shabby Chic Style Bedroom Chairs And Dining Furniture can be used for a soothing aura.
  • The color of the furniture should not be too distinct from the wall paints or the wallpaper. The furniture should be painted with a light and dull paint, that can be white or ivory in color.
  • The chairs, dressers, side tables, coffee tables should all look coherent.
  • Dark shades of brown, blue or may be red would not suit the look.
  • Crystal and Glass chandeliers and fabric lamps can make the place look gentle and elegant.

Room Colours

  • The exquisite and comfortable look of Shabby Chic Décor is created using light and soft pastel colors like white cream, dull, pink, dull blue and may be gray.
  • The wallpapers to be used can have delicate floral patterns to give a natural look to the area.

Shabby style is supposed to look rustic, eclectic and also vintage. Such a look brings emotional balance and harmony to one’s home. One could not have realised that using old and used pieces could give a beloved and charming look to one’s living room, with a tinge of freshness. Shabby Chic Style is a very warm décor style to have. Some people prefer imperfect arrangements to give it a very casual look.

Types of French Style Dining Tables

Dining tables are the centerpiece of the dining room or your kitchen. You need to choose the dining tables based on what you can afford in terms of space and money. Antique furniture pieces are the preferences of many. If you are looking for antique French style dining tables, then you can find the ideas here. The antique pieces are not merely the dining tables that were used centuries ago. By antiquiy it also means that the furniture pieces that do not lose the glam over the years too. Continue reading

Planning for French bedside tables?

Houses are built with sand and bricks, but a home requires more than that. That is why it is said that home is where the heart is. You decorate your house, and fill in with furniture of your choice, which gives the best ambiance your heart likes. The bedroom is the part of a house, where people often spend the most relaxed part of the day. Sleeping is what you actually do in the bedroom, but even for an hour or two that you spend awaken in the room, it has to be comfortable, and one should ensure that the bedroom is set up to meet the personal preferences. Continue reading

French Style Tables for your Lamps adds to the glamour of your drawing room

The French Connection:
French and style are two words, which you want your lifestyle to be associated with. The French are the champions in styling and glamour. The world follows their trend blindly, knowing that if it’s French, it will be stylish. Same goes for French styled furniture; however, selecting the right style for your house has become a big headache, giving problem to house owners. Continue reading

French Style Storage Cabinets Help You Clear Away The Living Room

Home, offices, beauty salons or clinics, wherever you go, one problem always remains with everyone, which is to where to keep the items such as books, newspapers, stationery etc. Now if we keep them in the drawers, we can never find them on time. Locking them into wardrobes and cupboards will cause lack of space for clothes. That shoe rack near the door also looks old and dirty. But now these problems are finding their answers in French style storage cabinets, which are small enough to be placed in any of your room and serve the purpose very perfectly. Continue reading